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TruckersCentral – Side of the Road

Have you seen some of these on the side of the road? here are some we found online it’s always nice to see these Monsters Still Standing Strong!

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Luminance HDR 2.2.0 tonemapping parameters: Operator: Mantiuk06 Parameters: Contrast Mapping factor: 0.1 Saturation Factor: 1.99  Detail Factor: 1  ------ PreGamma: 1

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TruckersCentral – Team Drivers – Angela and Macho

Here is a Video of TruckersCentral – Team Drivers – Angela and Macho we hope you enjoy!
More videos soon to follow!

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TOP 10 Country Girls

Here is our list of Top 10 Country Girls feel Free to comment below and let us know….



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The Internet can’t decide if this cat is going up or down the stairs?

Can you tell us is this cat going up or Down the stairs?


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