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Montana See’s Shortage of Qualified Truck Drivers



Montana is seeing a shortage of commercial truck drivers. It’s all because of an expensive certification process.

It’s a problem causing a bumpy road for trucking companies in the Treasure State, a lack of qualified drivers to fill their jobs.

“There’s all sorts of driving jobs out there, but if there’s no jobs to drive trucks the goods and services don’t get delivered,” said Mark Dodge, the instructor of Missoula College’s certification program.

With no financial aid or scholarships available for students in trucking certification programs, they’re forced to pay thousands of dollars up front to get a commercial license. Many students just can’t afford it.

“The good news is if you get hired on with a trucking company, many have reimbursement programs, but it’s coming up wi...

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Truck Drivers Needed, Tech Colleges Recruiting


The American Trucking Association estimates about 70 percent of freight moved in the United Sates travels on a truck.

That number keeps growing.

Trucking companies tell Action 2 News there aren’t enough drivers to keep up with the demand.

“Right now, throughout our industry, there is a shortage of drivers,” said Jeff Shefchik. He said baby boomers retiring are contributing to the shortage.

Currently, there are about 3 million truck drivers in the U.S. who collectively carry about 9.8 billion tons of freight each year.

The trucking industry has had more than a 95 percent turnover rate for the past three years. It currently is in need of 35,000 to 40,000 drivers.

“There’s a lot of different things competing for drivers and employees,” said John Mueller, driving instructor at Fox Va...

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Truck driving sits well for those seeking job growth


Trucking is a growing industry with the potential to put employees in the driver’s seat of their own careers.

Truck drivers roll into a coveted spot on the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs list, projected to grow from a total of 45,004 positions in 2012 to 49,651 jobs in 2022.

As a driver for RG Transport, a truckload carrier unit of Red Gold, Chris Welborn hauls tomato products for the company, along with other various categories of freight. Although he attended Indiana University, Welborn says a high school degree or equivalent is the standard requirement for becoming a commercial truck driver.

Welborn launched his trucking career with Green Bay, Wis.-based Schneider in June 2000.

“Schneider had an academy where you could train to drive a tractor ...

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Driver Opportunities ( Werner Enterprises )


Werner Enterprises is a driver company, operates a fleet of 7,100 trucks and almost 24,000 trailers throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Such diversity allows our drivers flexibility to drive for services that suit their lifestyles, with the added benefit of living in any area of the country they prefer. As a Werner Enterprises driver, you receive personal attention and your fleet manager knows you by name.

Werner Enterprises offers many opportunities for drivers, nationally and regionally within the various Van, Flatbed and Temperature Controlled services. Experienced drivers, click the Apply Now button to start on the road to a better driving career.

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