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Piss’d Off Pete shows OFF!

Totally Awesome!

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2,700 HP Corvette based carbon fiber Powerplant worth $1.7M!


The 2012 MTI ZR48 is the thing that you are looking for. Pier 57, the powerboat manufacturer is based in Tennessee and recently build this Corvette inspired 2,700 HP monster that reaches the speed of 180 MPH. The MTI ZR48 has a pair of 1,350 HP turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines that are strapped into a carbon fiber haul. This powerboat is different in comparison with the others because of its Chevy Corvette inspired interior and haul.
The custom dash has completely function gauges, shifter and custom ZR1 steering wheel. The custom shifter throttles the two engines and also controls the drive trim. The interior is suede and ultra leather, and has 6 air conditioned seats. The throttle man and driver’s carbon fiber seats has footrests. Check out the video of this beautiful MTI ZR48...

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Is This The Best And The Toughest RS Car You’ve Seen Lately?


You can have an RC car even if you aren’t a kid anymore. Some crazyass modern things are beeing produced right now and this Monster Green Reaper RatRod RC is  something of a perfect RC toy for everyone. It can go fast, it can go everywhere and it runs on batteries and not nitrous. This guy really made a wonderful video depicting its capabilities and maybe the most impressive feature is that this thing isn’t scared of water at all. Take a look at it. You’ll want it and you’ll like it.

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Jet Powered Go-Kart on the Road


Jet Powered Go-Kart on the Road

We have found that folks generally like to throw motorcycle engines in go-karts and make them fly! This kart looks like it’s ready to fly as well… literally!

Check out this jet powered creation driving down the street in the video below. It looks as if they’re holding back a bit, but it’s still interesting to see just how this thing works.

If we saw the kart going down the road in real life we would probably freak out. Maybe soon they’ll turn it up and we can see what this baby will really do! We’re most definitely anticipating more videos!

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This Kid Got The BEST Gift –Mini Kenworth Truck


This Kid Got The BEST Gift – Fully Functional Mini Kenworth Truck

With Christmas in the rearview, you’re probably going to hate us for just now posting the ultimate gift, but this one was too cool not to share!

Built from nothing more than scrap metal and old parts including a air horns, a modified grill, air tanks, and a few other odds and ends, this is about the coolest scaled model we’ve ever seen.

Check out the video of the toy Kenworth in the video below. We would love to take this hand built truckfor a spin.

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