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Japan does it again


We Heard of many Crazy things coming out of Japan but this new Game Must feel a Bit Scratchy for the Contestant after he or she
loses the Struggle to keep this thing out of they wing pipe Hopefully no one will choke to death and die from this wild idea of a Game..

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TOP 10 Country Girls

Here is our list of Top 10 Country Girls feel Free to comment below and let us know….



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Amazing next generation of cruise ships



The current generation of new cruise ships — designed before the 2008 economic bust but not delivered until 2010 or later — is just starting to feel comfortable to many of us. But a whole new generation of vessels designed after 2008 and reflecting the new economic realities is right around the corner.

Here is The next generation of cruise ship. Would you go on it?


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would you allow your 10yr old daughter drag race?


We want to know what you think about this little girl taking a Banshee and racing it vs an adult driver please let us know your feelings…

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Still one of the best Reaction to a Train EVER… Must watch


This little girl’s excitement and enthusiasm are out of control as the train approaches!

Madeline didn’t know how exciting waiting for a train to arrive could be!

She absolutely keeps our eyes glued to her expressions as she describes what is coming down the track! We don’t even need to see the train to appreciate her exhilarating description of what she is seeing!

We see the train through her eyes!

At the last minute, when she boards the train, she can be heard asking daddy “will this go slower?”Still a bit apprehensive!

If this does not make you smile, nothing will! Children keep us young and grounded and this is a wonderful example of how precious life can be.

Thank you, Madeline, and your dad for sharing your special birthday moment with the world!


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