Month: February 2018

Hotrod Frankie – Alone In The Woods – lyrics

A Swedish Psychobilly band.

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NASCAR Party – Julie Roberts

“NASCAR Party”
Copyright ยฉ 2010
Written by Julie Roberts,Thom Hardwell and Nick Trevisick
All rights reserved.


Hotrod Frankie – Summer wine

Hotrod Frankie cover “Summer Wine” by Lee Hazlewood

No copyright infringement intended. All rights go to owners
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Dominick Savino of Dom’s Hand Painted demonstrates authentic hand painted lettering on a rat rod door, then distressed to look as old as the door itself!


Gretsch 6120SH Brian Setzer Green Sparkle Hot Rod

Catch Brian Setzer’s new G6120 signature Hot Rod in action, complete with crystal-clear custom-voiced TV Jones pickups, no control knobs, and best of all, a killer new see-through Green Sparkle finish on its flame maple body.

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Robbie Dupree – Hot Rod Hearts

5th track from “Robbie Dupree” (1980). For my money, “Hot Rod Hearts” is even better than Robbie’s bigger hit “Steal Away.” One reason is the awesomely efficient lyrics. Just consider these words from the first verse:

Two lips
Touchin’ together
Cheek to cheek
Sweatshirt to sweater

It may not seem like much, but that’s kinda the point. And when you’re talking about young love, well, there’s absolutely no cooler rhyme anywhere!

Plus, there’s the killer harmony. This is the best song Michael McDonald never sang backing vocals on. I give kudos to Bill Labounty, a vocal and songwriting legend himself, who manages to channel an even greater legend. How does that work exactly? Who knows, but this is gold, Jerry, gold, I tell ya!

And best of all (for me at least), I was there. I was there in the summer of 1980, toiling away on my first job when this was a shiny new song sharing radio bandwidth with the likes of “Real Love” by The Doobies, “Biggest Part Of Me” by Ambrosia, “I Can’t Tell You Why” by the Eagles, and “Ride Like The Wind” by Christopher Cross. The smoothness was just so…well, smooth. And palpable. And I remember it like it was yesterday. OMG, like, how incredibly lucky can one person be? ๐Ÿ™‚


Song written by: Stephen Geyer / Bill LaBounty


Street legal NASCAR

Description 2009 Super Street Series stock car. Fully street legal and New York state titled. One of 3 built this #5 Mark Martin NASCAR tribute is for sale. Over 100k invested in new parts and over 2,000 build hours. Its all new and engineered for the street and track. This is not an old retired race car! Drive it from the local cars and coffee then to the track and back home. Rap it in your company’s logos or your favorite drivers colors.

With full air ride, AC, GM ZZ 383ci-460hp., 5 speed Tremec, 9 inch Ford axle, electronic doors and exhaust to name a few option this car is amazingly comfortable. It has run in exposition at Road Atlanta, Optima Batteries Ultimate Street car challenge in Pahrump NV. and a feature car at the 2009 SEMA event in Las Vegas NV. It is now part of a collection located in Syracuse NY and listed on EBAY under replicas. See our website at for contact information.