We Finally Have Any Car For Free Glitch & Solo GTA 5 Money Glitch

We Finally Have Any Car For Free Glitch & Solo GTA 5 Money Glitch

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SAVAGECREW Ytb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvgxqJ6EJsL7uCwo7PL4G0g
LispyLeaf https://www.youtube.com/lispyleaf

Full Facility & Vehicles Inside their you want to replace & loose!
Car you want

1. Call up any random vehicle from any garage NOT From facility (You can use a random street vehicle instead)
2. Drive Into your facility & stay on the alert “facility full”
3. Ask your friend to push you into the water & your vehicle will be destroyed once your in the water you want to confirm the “facility full alert”
(You can have a radio on & once the radio stops working means the car was destroyed good news)
4. Kill your self & then go to any vehicle you want or friends vehicle or elegy retro custom for millions of $
5. Drive inside your facility and replace any vehicle you want to loose Enjoy.

Solo Glitch Steps
Founder TutoFacileFrance

Your needs :
– public session
– a full Facility
– a full garage, with elegyRh8 (your spawn point must be on this garage)
– a car to duplicate (For money gains , Elegy retro advised) MUST HAVE CUSTOM PLATE ON IT BEFORE DUPING IT!!!!!

1 – Take elegy retro car and go in front of your Facility
2 – On the message “Facility full” accept the message and quickly
press: Start / online / new session
3 – when you are in the new session, you must be in your garage at elegy rh8, the game will ask you to select a car
Select an elegy Rh8

Done !! you have your duplication

it is possible that this glitch does not work at each test
in this case, start again
It also appears to work in full public lobbies. Try it with at least 20 people in lobby.

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